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Tractor Progress



I promised myself that I would spend some time turning the various bits I've cut out for the shunting tractor into something more tractor shaped.


In the previous installment I'd cut out the main chassis frames on the milling machine. In fact the chassis has been together for some time but lacking any sort of superstructure.


The body parts are cut from 5 thou K&S brass sheet using good old fashioned scratchbuilding techniques like a coping saw and Swiss files - the only concession to modernity being sticking a CAD printout to the sheet with Pritt instead of marking out by hand.


All of the parts were made in pairs with two pieces of 5 thou sweated together. As well as making two identical parts, 10 thou of brass is a bit more stable than 5 thou on its own. Even though I only need one of each front part, I still made two.


I'm pleased with the way it's coming along. In particular it is starting to look like a Weatherill L61 loader, which is nice because apart from a very small side elevation from a sales brochure, it's all done from photos.


There is still a lot more to do though - putting pre-made parts together gives the appearance of progress but I've used up most of the bits that I've made so I need to go back and make some more.


Some photos. No coins though! It's just under an inch long if you want to have some scale.





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Superb stuff Andy!


Any updates on the layout itself - it looks like some track has been laid and inlaid with ply veneer?

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Thanks Pete.


That's still the mock-up that it's standing on and the inlay is 1/32 balsa. I still have some more work to do on the gubbins below decks before I can cut any wood on the real baseboard.


The track on the mockup is all liftable. I haven't decided yet whether I will use it on the real layout or make new track.


Using one set of points on two 'layouts' would be a new take on the usual approach of 'rip it up and start again'.


I have been progressing other things too but it's all rather repeat stuff or early days stuff that isn't really good material to talk about on here. The Gresley BG is now in the paint shop but a winter paint job is never going to be quick.


Regards, Andy

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