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Seems like an eternity, but the Christmas break gave me a push to do something. A strip of LEDs is hanging over it at the moment while I decide on how to mount it permanently. Christmas delivered several workers for the allotment and waste ground, so they received a quick wash along with the pigs and took up residence.. I saw the frame for the warehouse crane while browsing and decided that it was the way forward and I’ve just knocked it up after tea. Away for a few days so the painting will have to wait. Managed to finally pick up some plastic for the drainpipes as well, so these will now move forward. Looking at it now, some of the paper is beginning to come away, so an hour with a very fine brush is needed. The factory has gained a chimney, and the area to its left will gain a crane, based on Daisyfield overhead by combining the ratio overhead traversing crane and a converted lamp hut. I picked up the Metcalfe fire station as well, with a bit of modification I’m hoping it will help fill along the back.


Happy new year all, thanks for looking.

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