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Bristol Barrow Road - Lawrence Hill Junction and some videos




Chris Yates has finished building the 'temporary panel' for Lawrence Hill Junction signal box, another job done for which I am very grateful. I say temporary because it only controls the turnouts at present as I have yet to build the signals.


Chris has built in interlocking on the junction using relays with LEDs confirming turnout settings and the junction with entrance and exit to the shed yard is now fully operational.


Lawrence Hill Junction Panel


Lawrence Hill double junction


Lawrence Hill Junction Signal Box and the shed north entrance and exit.


Here are a couple of videos of Ex Midland 3F 43712 going on shed - and off shed.


I suggest watching with the sound turned of as I forgot I had the radio on!!
Landscape mode would have been an improvement:-)



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Must be so satisfying for you to see your beautiful locomotives moving over the superb point work/track. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to witness it as well.

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Thank you Phil. I still need to fully test all the newly wired point-work with a variety of different locos. The 0-6-0s are fine but I need to test others with a longer wheel base with bogies and/or pony trucks.

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I have quietly followed your progress here and it has been well worth it.


As Mallard states, it is good to see some video footage too which brings it all to life.


Congratulations also on your MRJ article which was a most enjoyable and well written piece.



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It all looks very good and the 3F negotiates the point work very smoothly. As you say, locos with truck and bogies present a more searching test (of track and machine). I very nearly made an earlier response along similar lines, thinking of the potential for mishaps when I finally get around to trying some of my stuff, none of which are 0-6-0's, as you well know, on your magnificent opus. You'll probably have it all wired up and tested before I'm fit to drive again!


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I came across your blog at random during a search and I was so impressed by what I saw that I've just finished reading the entire thing from beginning to end. WOW! Don't know what else to say...

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