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George's Train Set - The Rebuild



George's train set whilst operational had it's issues. The main one was the need for the S bends on the centre board.




This was because the layout was originally just two 4 x 2 ft boards with an oval across the corners to maximise the run length. When the centre board was added by Santa it had to have the curves to make everything join up.




All those curves meant that my APT-E would not run and even the baseboard joints on curves gave the occasional derailment. So ahead of this years Mansfield Show (March 2nd and 3rd 2019 :Shameless Plug: ) I decided to strip it and start again.


A new plan was drawn up, still with the 2 or 3 board concept. Traditional roundy roundy to keep kids happy at the show and a nice bit if shunting in the station/shed area as requested by George.




So over Christmas the track was lifted and baseboards painted a nice flat green. I had already bought the track needed at Warley and Wycrail. Track-Shack supplied the Gaugemaster underlay.


First the two outer boards were laid and wired up




Didn't take him long to move in LOL


I'm now working on the centre board, slow progress but if I do a bit each evening it will be done soon :)




Track ends at the joints are soldered to brass screws - lesson learnt from the first version where I used PCB - the centre board is not perfectly aligned in height, so the ability to fine tune the rail height with the screws has worked well so far :)




Wiring is DCC with the track feeds passed from one board to the next using the toggle clamps - just like Fourgig East

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