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St Ruth

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Southampton 2019




A nice weekend down south for the gang at the Southampton show and a good chance to catch up with Jerry and Paula. A good show all around and nice accommodation too. We were also happy to be awarded the Founders Cup for the best layout by the organisers. No major issues with the layout but no show would be complete without a few niggles to put on the fault list and give us something to do when we get back to base. The black surroundings of the drama studio worked pretty well with our night scene too. Our thanks to the organising team for an enjoyable weekend.


Some photos...


Marie Celeste?


That's better




Someone brought along some St Ruth appropriate reading material.

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Absolutely fantastic, and well deserved.
Could've watched this all day.


I myself model in 4mm Finescale, but, this would fry my eyes, don't know how you guys and girls do it.


Keep up the fantastic work


Regards Jeff

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Thanks for the kind remarks Jeff, glad you enjoyed the layout at Southampton.


We claim no special powers. The simple answer to how we do it is that we leave off the stuff we can't see - it's the same in all scales but in 2mm there is more that is smaller so we leave more things off.

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