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LNWR DX Special Goods update



There has been progress on things other than GWR too.  This Special DX featured early in the blog but stalled.  The London Road instructions highlight an error when building in P4 in that the valance can foul the wheel crankpins.  One recommended course of action is spacing out the valance further with spare fret from the etch.  It also suggests slimming down the Alan Gibson wheels at the boss.  I did both and still it fouled!  I resorted in drastic filing just to get it running which resulted in a non-prototpical curvy valance.




Having encountered a similar problem on a GWR Dean Goods build, I resolved to take both valances off and replace them with 0.8mm brass angle.  Before I took them off one-by-one, I soldered in a length of fret waste to hold the thing together as I feared the whole could buckle without the valance.  This shot shows the amount of fettling that went on too:




Here's the result which I am pleased to say now runs.  




The kit was devoid of the blower valve casting which fits into that hole in the smoke box and is operated by the handrail.  John Redrup of London Road Models has since sent a replacement so I can now get on and fit both and hopefully finish this one off.  The tender is half-built somewhere too

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I don't know why London Road set the valances so thick because on most Webb engines the valances were rather thin; almost non existent.  Mine maybe still overscale: coloured photo from LNWR Society Facdbook



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