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Mitchell Manor Build pt1

The Fatadder


Now that my Cameo Competition layout is pretty much finished, its time to get back to work on Brent.  After months of working with plastic RTR models, I feel a bit of kit building is in order. 

So its out with a long term project and my Mitchell Manor kit.  


I started this back in 2015 after buying half a kit from Malcom (a full set of etches and most of the castings), however I have no tender (which will be a Hornby Churchward 3500gl) and no chassis.   I am also missing one key casting, the wide spacer which forms the joint between the smokebox and the boiler. 


I am undecided as to which loco I am modelling, it will either be 7800 (for which plates are included on the etch) or 7813 for which there is a photo of the loco at Newton Abbot in 1948.  


Work so far: 

Most of the work so far has focused around the footplate, which is now pretty much complete.  the next area of attention will be the cab, before having to make a start on the job I have long been putting off (forming the boiler).



I need to make a decision as to how I will power the model, the options are a Mitchell chassis (not currently available, expensive but a perfect fit), a Comet chassis (not quite as expensive, needs modifying to fit), or a rewheeled Hornby Grange (unclear how the body needs to be modified, will be reliable out the box, will be the cheapest option (and includes a tender).


Hopefully I can crack out the soldering iron this evening and start on the cab...

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