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To Infinity & Volkswagens: Part the Second

Holding to my word, where is your weekly update.


I have done jack all this week.


We got more snow on Tuesday.    Tuesday night is also when I need to bring the garbage to the alley for collection Wednesday morning.    I handled such chores, and ****ed-off and watched some anime.   Monday, though, did bring some progress.


Firstly, minor tinkering with the VW.    My first attempt at gluing the hubcaps to the wheels failed, so I cleared more chrome plating from the caps, and tried glue at a different spot.    Seems to have worked the second time.    I'm calling the chassis complete.    Now, I pend good weather for painting.   I am always waiting on good weather.    Damn Chicagoland.



Secondly, the army for Infinity is coming along with no real issues.   Two more infantry, I believe grunts of some sort.



Tonight brought a start to the motorcyclist that comes with the force.   I, admittedly, had to seek guidance on this one.    One of the parts included made no sense to me.      I've used epoxy for the bike, so I won't have an image until next week.


Lastly, I've finished another Gundam kit.      Ban-Dai's Master Grade 1/100 GM Sniper II.     Fun, awesome kit.    Snap-fit and precolored don't give these kits credit.   The MG kits are effectively build-your-own action figures.    You can get in-depth finishing one out to a higher standard still, but I build such things as breaks from cement fumes and brush cleaner.


Tune in next week, kids.


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