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New digs, new boots...

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I’ve just signed a lease for a new (well, different) flat in Plymouth, as I’m still working there. I definitely wanted to escape the student areas... students are a blight on the accommodation market. I was also looking for a furnished let, which most owners don’t offer, and a “break clause” and automatic rollover to rolling status - this is supposedly legally guaranteed, but try to achieve it! 


So, I move in a fortnight. The new landlords seem to have picked on the market for contractors in the dockyards, so the terms are suitable... press on! 


Went up to the Lakes to move the caravan, it’s back in the Peaks now. Walked up to High Cup Nick to christen my new wellies, very pleased with them. Definitely a rural art form, fell walking in wellies... saw the Fell Race, finished with steak and ale pie and beer in The Stag. A good “sign off”, really..



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So the Plymouth job came to a sudden end! I shan’t miss it, or the place itself. It leaves me with various issues to resolve but on the whole I’m not too troubled.


I’m reverting to my earlier role of Project Engineer for various specialised, niche drilling works.


This is a nominal demotion, but as a contractor approaching at least, semi-retirement I’ve long since ceased to concern myself with such things. The money is much the same, the location is better (in the sense of being close to home) and I have the various details at my fingertips. I might even get some time off, which I definitely feel the need of. 


Press on!




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