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Two entries on two nights, and both poor showings.


I've mentioned earlier in this blog that I had two locomotives fail during the Christmas season, my Terrier and 14xx.    Tonight, I attempted to take them apart to ascertain what failed, and what I could do to remedy the issues.


First, I attempted the Terrier.   Completely mangled the thing.    One of the clips just would not let go, and by the time it did, I had bent one of the coupling rods, lost a coupling rod pin, and snapped every connection between the pickups and the motor.    And I still couldn't remove the body.    Squished the thing back together and wedged it back in the box.   Might use it as a mule later for N gauge weathering.


Second, I tackled the 14xx.    I was actually quite able to separate the body from the chassis easily.    Only issue was I did not have a Philips-head screwdriver fine enough to fit down the chimney, so I used a flathead instead.    Opening the body didn't help, though.   The motor didn't respond to directly applied current.   Shame, too, as the 14xx is easily my favorite locomotive.   I'll have to wait until another run is done.   This'll likely become a test canvas as well.

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