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Giant Robots...Maybe

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If you've read my other blog, you'll know I ruined a couple of other projects this week.   Ruining the other projects kind of dampened motivation to do much else, so 'this week' has literally been 'tonight.' 


One of two, I had picked up an accessory kit from Bandai, a stand for figures, that also establishes itself as a base for special effects accessories.


The translucent purple parts are intended to represent some kind of explosion or radiation.   All six sections are molded somewhat vaguely at the ends, in an attempt to make the fit somewhat universal.    The brown parts are intended to be debris.   They also can be connected into a sort of crater, and laid flat.   My intention had originally been to use the debris parts on the display for one of my Gundams, but this stand is not substantial enough to support the Gundam I had in mind.   The stand I already had for the Gundam isn't intended to use this system of sub-arms to hold the debris.    This whole scheme was sort-of improvised, so I had little motivation to pursue the matter too much further.


All else I had managed to do this evening was start building this odd booster unit for Gundams.


Not finished, and I know not what I will do with it when I am.    I only started building it since it was on my bench.  Maybe I'll sort it out t some point.

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