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Nil Unquam Simile






With the Nailsea Show fast approaching, the first public outing of the NWR looms, so I've been giving a lot of thought to the display.
I've long wanted to make my own version of the NWR logo as described by Awdry, here's my current attempt.


"Per saltire azure and vert, Two gloves argent saltirewise 
in fess a rose of Lancaster proper
1st Azure a wheel or winged of same
dexter vert a fleece argent, sinister vert a mattock argent hafted or 
base azure herrings naiant argent

Motto: "Nil Unquam Simile" 
- "There's Nothing Quite Like It""


This was made in photoshop using lots of borrowed elements. The majority of the heraldric items came from wikipedia, for example the fleece is from this Spanish coat of arms.



The wheel is borrowed from the BR later crest



Some handy stock images provided the missing elements, like this gauntlet.



The end result is a bit flat in colour, so I grubbied it up a bit using the 'Burn' tool, and then overlaid a stock image of a fabric texture, set to 'Multiply' and with the opacity turned down. Quite pleased with it so far! No doubt it will be revised in the future but it'll do for now.

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That's a good idea Corbs, it all helps build up  the illusion - er, I mean, historical background. I do like the fleece, I expect the staff would count it when they couldn't sleep :D

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It's funny you should say that as I showed it to the long-suffering Sabina and she said 'I don't like the fleece, it's grisly'

I told her you said it was shown mid-jump over a fence but she wasn't convinced....

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