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The lonely Seacow

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Neal B


The ngs Seacow kit is certainly one of the more challenging wagon kits i've come across. The first steps of assembling the plastic superstructure and the etched brass chutes are simple enough, but from there it seems to get exponentially harder as the etches get thinner and more delicate. The end product does resemble Seacow although by the time i got to the fully assembled stage my mind was far from taking photographs and nearer thoughts of a bottle or two of ale, so here's a work in progress. Future interations will avoid some of the mistakes made on the stanchion etches although they aren't howlingly obvious i so i'll let myself off the hook.


It's an ingenious kit and much recommended, especially to go with the ngs or revolutioN's shark. The only downside is that the society is currently out of stock of this kit so my Seacow is very lonely. 


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I'm also nearing completion on one of these.  The plastic hopper is far easier to put together than its all brass predecessor but I certainly agree that the brass  stanchions and hand wheel brackets are every bit as fiddly.  I have however very much enjoyed building them both.  I would happily build one or two more of either variant. 




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I would have loved to try the full brass version but i think it wouldn't have turned out as well as your effort. Lovely model, and a nice layout you have there. Mine is still at the erm... Infrastructure phase. By which i mean acres of bare plywood and reels of wire.

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Mine is also very much a work in progress.  Now that I have enough buildings and rolling stock I must get down to track laying  and wiring, however  I keep getting distracted by putting little scenes into cake boxes.

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