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Bristol Barrow Road - Testing a part rebuilt double slip




I am continuing the debugging of the track. Following the test of the turnouts from the Up main line into the engine shed with the 3F - shown in the previous videos - testing with my Hornby Black 5 showed that all was not well with the double slip. The Black 5 had an annoying habit of mounting the crossing V at the coaler end of the slip. This double slip was the first 'complicated' piece of track I ever built and has only recently come into full operational use. If you look closely at the slip you will see evidence of a partial rebuild of the slip - new  solder - as I re -aligned the far crossing 'V', wing rails, closure rails etc at that end of the slip. The Black 5 now runs through without falling off - result :) .

Black 5 '44965' coming of shed




Black 5 '44965 ' entering shed coal road


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Nice bit of trackwork there Robin! It does look rather swish! 


Best wishes,



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Must say, your header photo looks most realistic. I take it the steam and smoke effects have been Photoshopped in?


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