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So hello to you folks at RM Web. After lurking and reading others contributions, decided to add something myself.

Currently working on ideas for a small layout, probably a branch terminus, on the South Australian/Victorian border. Time period is a bit hazy, anywhere in the last 30 years. Inspiration from YouTube and Flickr.

First item of stock is a detailing and tidy-up of an old Life-Like GM F-series into a homage to the Commonwealth Railways/Australian National GM class. Yes I know it's too short and needs a couple of extra wheels per bogie, but time/money constraints apply. 

Comments and suggestions welcome, especially ideas for converting items of ho stock that are easy to find in the UK.... Thanks


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Hello and welcome to RM Web!


Having been a lurker, I have no doubt that you will have already realised that there is so much inspiration and expertise available here. Please share what you are up to and how you are getting on with your projects. 


I would love to see you start a thread for your emerging layout when you do finalise plans. 


I love Australia, have enjoyed my travels in your wonderful country, and cannot wait to go back one day!! I am not very knowledgeable on your railways but I love looking at photographs and reading about them and did a fair bit of travelling on them when I was in the promised land, principally around Melbourne and Sydney. It is great to see something different on here, but there are plenty of your fellow countryfolk active and posting so you won't feel alone. I cannot wait to see what you do :good_mini:




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Hello, and thanks for the feedback. This is probably going to be quite a slow project to follow, as have other commitments to juggle! It may also evolve a bit as I go along. The next bit of the jigsaw should hopefully be an Australian National AHDL hopper wagon (converted from box cars in AN's workshops). After this, possibly a signal box, if I can pick a good prototype to copy.



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