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A Touch of Giles Indeed!



Simond had it spot on in his comment on my last post - I guess the glimps of a roller bearing was a clue. A very new departure here and a pretty steep learning curve but made much easier by some good advice from Giles and Pikey on the RC thread - if you have not already guessed the Foden is now Radio Controlled. Although a bit of an indulgence for the current layout, as in real life, the Foden will eventually be demobbed and will feature large in a new post war creation. There was a rather lengthy wait while some motor options were shipped from China but who can complain at the prices, This was actually quite useful as I was able to complete all the slightly tedious detailing and even spent three evenings recreating the wheels which I was going to use from the kit but a) found they were not particularly round and b) I can now say it is totally scratch built. So here it is with painting and weathering still a work in progress;




The radio control is now fully working but it has been a bit of a nightmare as constantly taking things in and out has meant a series of broken wires and conections but now everything is in place I hope that is at an end. In the next pictures you can see the steering servo neatly in place in the fire box and all the other gubbins in the water tank. Power comes from an Ipod LiPo battery under the rear a  2mm worm and gears I found on Ebay perfectly. The only downside is that at 90rpm it is a bit too slow. I bought a second one so may experiment with fitting the shaft to a higher reving gearbox but just happy that the thing moves for now!


Next thing of course is that I have to create a body but I have an idea for that. I did do a video of it moving on the layout but can't seem toget it off my phone at the moment so until I have overcome yet another bit of technology you will have to put up with some pics on the layout;



I can see great potential in this RC thing and have several more projects in mind and have even bought in several parts to experiment with getting a 20hp Simplex on the move. Oh, did I mention that it is completely scratch built?

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Absolutely wonderful  - a very lovely project, looking great - I can't wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak....

Birmingham Science museum had one of these on display in the '70s, and I was very much taken with it then.

...want to see  it run..... 

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