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Have managed to find the data lead for my phone and got myself logged into YouTube so here is my first attempt posting a video. I need to look at canabalising a couple of N20 motors to get a 1.9mm shaft onto a higher RPM gearbox as progress really is too slow. Have also now found another steering arm which should improve the turning circle. Work on a load is progressing nicely and will be updated soon.



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Can you not fit a 600:1 N20 unit if you want normal roadspeeds or a 1000:1 For yard work?

It looks like your final drive is around 15:1 or so.....

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The issue I had was that the low revving motor had a 2mm shaft that was perfect for the worm I had available. I have now managed to rebuild a higher revving motor with the 2mm shaft which was a bit of an adventure but speed is now better. Full public unveiling will be at SWING this weekend - planning to do a post to announce it but time and unforeseen events are conspiring against me - why is nothing ever simple?  

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I know the feeling!!! I'm battling with a similar insurmountable problem at the moment as well!


I'll see you there..? I'm joining Martin on The Yard for the day.....

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