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Making good use of quiet moments

Andy Y



Some people keep their diplomas, certificates and Oscars in the smallest room; I just make do with a small ever-revolving library. I'm sure I can't be the only one can I?


Anyway, a shot of three books coming out of the reading room neatly summarise what this project will be about.



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8 minutes ago, Captain Kernow said:

Will it feature any cute little industrials?


Well I do need somewhere for the ever-increasing fleet of "that's cute" purchases to stretch their little legs, this is true.

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15 minutes ago, Enterprisingwestern said:


Black Country Blues v2?



Far smaller and lighter but not necessarily quicker.


The boards will not be measured in chains nor hundredweights.

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2 hours ago, Stubby47 said:

Will it be ready for Taunton next year ?


A later entry will explain a bit more why not; not just Taunton.

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You are definitely not the only one to have a library in the smallest room. We have somehow ended up with a large Billy Bookcase and two small ones, in ours.:blink:

Mrs A insists its called the 'small powder room' whatever that means!

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Splendid, have been looking forward to getting more details on this project



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Good to see you back Andy - even you have to take some time away from the Mothership to do some modelling... ;)

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