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Accurascale Cemflo. Step 4 - Encrustation 1.

Mick Bonwick


Preparation for the cement application. Materials to be used now are Testor's Dullcote and Lifecolor N. Europe Dust pigment. I searched through many pigments to find a suitable grey cement powder colour, and this one is the closest (to my eye) I could find.




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Looks great! I wonder did you consider using actual cement for the encrustation - possibly applied through a sieve or even a tea strainer to get a very fine powder? 


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Portland cement powder would have been too dark (to my eye) and I haven't got any left from all my failed DIY projects - it went hard!


I am attempting to show a scale effect by using a pigment that is lighter than cement powder, and it is also as finely ground as the real thing.


The choice of using a sieve was present, but I decided to not use one, to see how well the pigment performed. I should have used the sieve! 

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