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Most of the week was working on a new project. 


I have decided to enter a new contest.   The group I am with, Gunpla Builders of Chicago, is doing a coopted contest with a regional group.   The theme for the build is Gundam Build Fighters.   That theme was described as just custom work.   So, I'm going a little wild.   This is what I have so far;



No paint as of yet.   These Gundam kits come molded in color, and are normally snap-fit.   This build uses parts from Gundam Vidal, a LaGowe, and a Tiren ground type.   I was intending to have a top-heavy look, but I appear to have underestimated the size of the LaGowe chest.   I may try bulking it out a bit.    I plan on picking up some Milliput tomorrow.   I think a hump on the back, using a kit part as a former for some Miliput.   There are also meant to be intake grilles on the chest.   I may use them as intended, or I may try with a different idea.


I have also been repairing my centaur for Dungeons and Dragons.


I replaced the white metal axe haft, fitted originally with butt-joints, with a rod-and-tube haft.   The rod, brass, runs the entire length of the tube, copper, through the hand and into the axehead.   I also used some rod to pin his top to his bottom.   Torso to neck, as it were.   Filling and another coat of primer will come next here.   I want to figure out more on the kitbash, first.

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