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Four Years On

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Maurice Hopper


In July 2015 I posted a picture of my cut-short garden railway.  


It showed the original cutting devoid of track, but left like so may closed railways, to the passing of time and the advance of nature!


The post received a comment that the space for the line curving away had a certain attraction.


The relaid track in the 'station' looked in good order, although ballasting was not complete.




Today the scene shows signs of both neglect and new works.


The neglect (and relatively poor design of plastic points) has caused the lead point to go out of gauge, needing to be removed and replaced with some plain track to allow testing of visiting steam engines.   The stud of the siding has been ballasted over to prevent derailed stock from falling onto the exposed rail ends and damaging paint work.  When the track was rationalised, all the spare points were scrapped so I will have to make a new point sometime.  The rockery has been neglected and allowed to become overgrown with weeds.... yes, in this garden wild strawberries are weeds.  The Juniper Compresses has suffered very badly this winter due to extremely cold east winds.  (All part of the climate change.)  


The new works are non-railway, it having been decided to improve accessibility to the highly productive soft fruit patch that replaced the circular line.  (We are still eating last years blackcurrants and the new crop is already showing signs of setting, with trusses of bright green fruit evident.)  This means the old right of way looks more like a road building site with bare earth awaiting some recycled paving slabs.  The buffer stops will be cut short, dare I say to increase the size of the concourse, so feet on the way to get fruit are away from train waiting for a run!


The surrounding vegetation has grown into well sharped bushes, but there needs to be some trimming back ... but it is too late to do this this spring!



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22 minutes ago, Brinkly said:

It reminds me of Calstock station!

Nah. Too many turnouts. ;)

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