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Something Missing ?



I opened my last 2 Parkside PC84 GWR Mink 'A' kits without paying too much attention.

Today while getting on with them I couldn't find the small black sprues on which the laminated

buffer heads are located, wagon hooks and a couple of drop door stops (Multi Purpose sprue).

These two 'new' kits also had the small ModelMaster decal sheet included, on reading I note

that all the markings are for BR period wagons and the sheet is clearly marked "Ex GWR 10T

Mink, Mink 'A', V12,V14,V16" Does this mean that they will cease to include the louvre vent ends?


I can imagine most sales are for GWR modellers and not BR periods. I could of course be wrong,

but think a letter to Peco to find out is called for.


It's such a small sprue and the lack of GWR period decals is not difficult, let's face it they never had

decals included before, I hope they will keep including the early buffer heads, probably not a deal breaker,

but retrograde ?




The two on the right fitted with couplings, test run and fine, still working on the other two.  My 5th was for the club and not here at present.



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I have heard that Modelmaster are stopping producing transfers....


These days most sales are probably to those modelling the postwar era so I can understand the decision. 

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My most recently bought PECO kit from the ex-PD range (the 24.5T coal) had no transfers included. Is that old stock or a packing fault I should take up with PECO? I would want the BR versions. I also note the appropriate one's on the Modelmaster site appear to either be faulty or have a badly edited graphic. I, am still awaiting their response to my email sent last week querying the issue before ordering.

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I’m not sure Peco included transfers in the ex-PD range when  they first appeared in the Peco Parkside packaging, you may have one of those early Peco Parkside kits.

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Firstly the Decals. ModelMaster were commissioned to do small decal sheets to include with the NEW Peco packaged

Parkside kits. I say NEW because where they have a legacy stock they will still be without decals. In fact I don't know if

ModelMaster have completed all the sheets required for the full range yet. This may be a creeping development.


In addition another creeping development is the inclusion of the PA34 dove-tail mounting blocks for Bachmann narrow

tension-lock couplings. I've used these exclusively on kit and RTR modifications for quite a few years. Ignore the printed

information as suitable for the cranked Bachmann couplings, it's always best to use the flat couplings in either short, or

long form. All you have to do is build a suitable correct height foundation. As an example cut the two base ridges away

and they fit onto the round moulded boss on Dapol kits, and at the perfect height !!


I did communicate with Peco and it seems my last 2 kits from a certain Widnes trader did have the parts missing. The small

sprue (17) has the early buffer heads and they offered to send on to me. In fact I didn't actually need them as in my 5 unit

build only 2 needed early buffers and they came from earlier packaged kits, I even have 1 spare here. My later 3 builds all

use the later GWR self contained buffers. Peco are NOT intending changing the kits contents other than adding PA34 mounts

and decals, both a great improvement offering a complete kit building content.



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