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Well, the New Year period has enabled me some time to get back to doing a bit of loco building. The project, a resin GT3 from Golden Arrow with the detailing etches from Bill Bedford and Ian (macgeordie) of RMWeb. Progress has been slow until now, as with most of my builds, being interrupted by other projects, electronics modules for club layouts and the general things in life that take away our time. However since getting home from a Christmas visiting my mother I have built the buffer beam, cab windows, cab steps and front grill of GT3 from Ian's etches. I already had the top grill, and tender detailing done. So now I need to do the brake rodding and the tender axle boxes. The final thing to do is to sort out a tender coupling - I have decided I want to keep the Hornby tow bar so that I can have electrical connectivity for tender pickups and possible lighting in the tender. I have already got fibre optics and LEDs for the front head code lighting, so I amy also add cab lighting and lighting in the toilet compartment. I have needed to add some weight to the tender to keep it down against the springs in the Hornby tender coupling, but I think I am going to have to do something to open the tender to cab gap up, otherwise this will never get around any corners. In the picture the side grill and the cab steps are just held on by blutac and the tender has a simple screw to couple it to the loco.




Two areas I still need to think about are the bogie side frames, I am not happy with these and may just cut off the moulded springs and buy some cast white metal ones - anybody know what might be suitable? Also there are wheels guards on Ian's etches that I have to work out how to fit.


There has been a bit of filler added to fill the air bubbles and to try to get a better edge along the bottom of both the loco and tender body. Not long now until it gets primed and hopefully any blemishes that are left will show up better and can also be filled.


Hopefully within the next few weeks it can get painted, it depends very much on the weather. I plan to use Halfords spray cans, so it will avoid by issues with airbrushes, but that's a whole other thread!



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Hello Mark Interested to get update I want to do the same build

Hi, I have been bad about updates on here, but I have just done a first pass at weathering GT3 and posted a picture of this today.


I have the feeling this is a project I will never finish, since I ma now thinking of a chassis swap. After Tim Shackleton saw my GT3 some time ago and got interested in doing one of his own, soon to appear in print I believe, we did some work on transfers with John Isherwood at Cambridge Custom Transfer and Chris Gibbon at High Level has been persuaded to do a chassis for it. It will hopefully be available shortly as part of Chris's "Platform" range.

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