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SEF Mallard Build pt2

The Fatadder


A lot more progress on the A4


first up the body, lots more fettling has been completed (although there is still a fair bit to go marked in red).  


The lower fairings have been soldered in place, these were prepared by cutting and filing the original fairings to shape.


Some A1 models sprung buffers have been fitted to the front


Remaining body tasks include the pipe on the drivers side, a little more filler, and the cab roof detail.


I'm still not 100% happy with the body, and may well end up sourcing a replacement body kit.


Moving on to the chassis, the main frames have been soldered up (using the chassis square jig as a guide).  The round spacers were screwed into place before soldering (and filing off the bolt heads).


The white metal parts have all been soldered into place, while the front bogie was prepared using Comet overlays (left over from a bogie for a Merchant Navy) soldered to an etched sub frame


Wheels have been painted LNER crimson, but still need a final coat plus some Matt varnish.   Currently they have been temporarily fitted into position.


Testing the chassis showed an odd issue, the bars on the jig were set with the con rods so everything should be an exact match. 

But when I test fitted them to the completed chassis there is tight spot. Meaning it will not run, not sure where to go with this.


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The main issue with the body to my eyes is the handrail - the handrail knob on the second boiler band behind the chimney is a little too low , and distorting the line of the handrail. 


Any way this can be tweaked without going to the extent of building a new body?

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The problem is that the two sides are slightly out of alignment, so if you look from the top down or from the front its a little out of proportion.  My current thinking is that I will finish the model off (correcting the aforementioned handrail knob), see how it looks and potentially rebuild the body in the future.  The sale of the painted, finished body should then recoup a fair chunk of the new body even with its deficiencies via eBay... 

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