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Oxford Rail N7 Modifications

Norton Wood


With Oxford Rail having announced they would produce 3 N7 variants I was like many very happy, as the N7 filled another hole in the GE/LNER modellers world. As these engines would be responsible for suburban services in and around London they also ventured around the former GE Suburban workings replacing many older suburban locomotive types the F5's spring to mind and later on they also were tasked with working some Kings Cross Suburban workings. 


So with the LNER N7 finally in my possession, I was very pleased with the quality of the build and running of the locomotive, as many modellers on the RMWeb N7 thread know, there are a few misgivings on the model, which I am willing to forgive. Most of the mistakes that befall on this model are mainly in small area's, which only picky modellers like myself will forgo to resolve...


So I began with what myself and my model club will do when they receive a new locomotive, either painting or modifying an engine to suit how we would want them. I am a stickler for having locomotives re-numbered & weathered with minor alterations.  So I began with the model as it came and decided to paint: 


  1. The Smokebox Door Ring
  2. Buffer Shanks Black (Originally in the incorrect Red) 
  3. Brass work around the Clack Valves 
  4. Steel workaround the Westinghouse Airpump
  5. Safety Valves catch Red
  6. Frames & Frame Stretcher into Red
  7. Then off to Grimy Times for Weathering & Renumbering into 7993


And well here's the end result...




The white mark in this image is actually dust inside the camera lens not on the model 









Overall I think it's turned out quite well, and the weathering is the only way you can get around the fact that the model should be in LNER Lined black with all the necessary paint apps but, honestly I think it's turned out really well and I think it looks very smart now. 



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