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More recent photos of 'West Coast in N'





A southbound Freightliner hurries towards Linslade Tunnel on the Up Slow Line. Memories of Summertime canalside walks of the 1970s.




A northbound Express thunders through Watford on the Down Fast Line, as a southbound Freightliner passes through on the Up Slow Line. No doubt the passengers are wondering if this will delay their service for London ?




A class 6 Parcels working for Hemel Hempstead rattles through Watford on the Down Slow Line.




A pair of 47s head south at Linslade with a loaded MGR working. In the background an Express for Wolverhampton dashes past.




At Harrow & Wealdstone. An Overnight Sleeper service bound for Euston sweeps through on the Up Fast Line, as a Freight slowly trundles through on the Up Slow Line.




Approaching Watford from the south, passing the Power Signal Box. Bakerloo Tubes pass in the background as a Northbound Express overtakes a stopping service for Bletchley.




A pair of 501s arrive from Euston into platform 1 at 'The Junction'.




The sun catches some ripples on the Canal as a pair of 310s head north at Linslade.




The southbound Flasks from Sellafield head towards Willesden as a northbound Empty Wagon working rattles north. An Express passes on the Down Fast Line as another DC working from Euston arrives in Platform 4.




A 25 rolls the Tring to Kings Cross Cement working through Harrow on the Up Slow Line.




A Euston bound Express thunders through Harrow, as the northbound 'Liverpool Pullman' heads in the opposite direction. A 1972 Bakerloo Tube sets off towards Watford.





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What an absolutely fabulous layout.  Can’t believe the detail for 2mm.  Has this been in any of the magazines? If not it should be so we can see some double spread pictures.  Brilliant modeling.  Mike.

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Hi Andy,


Just caught up with this. What an incredible layout you've made there! I will never again worry that I've made my layout (tiny in comparison) too big or too complex. You've captured the wcml superbly well and the train control looks on a par with the real thing. 


All the best


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Thank you for that compliment Dave. Have tried to make possibly my last layout as good as I was able to produce. (Not that there's anything medically wrong with me, but at this stage in life it might be optimistic to think I could stretch to another ten years to make another:laugh_mini2: )



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