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Mile End Park Project - And now for something completely different

Norton Wood


Since the last update, major changes have occurred within the club and how this layout could/will be built, much like the LNER and latterly British Railways, the W&RMRC has gone under a  massive rationalization scheme, as club members are now building 1 Exhibition layout each which reduces the amount of layouts to 4. Those being: 


  1.  Wiveton - M&GN 1949 
  2. Corpusty & Saxthorpe - M&GN 1920's 
  3. Cromer Esplanade - M&GN 1950's 
  4. Mile End Park - LNER 1935-1939 


Of course, the model club has an M&GN theme as it's based at an M&GN station, my layout stands as the lone as the only GER/LNER themed layout. Further discussions have broken out as to the goal that the club is trying to show. Of course, Mile End Park has taken the back seat for quite sometime recently, and with Inglethorpe Rd hitting a few snagg's due in course to other circumstances. One project has to come first over the other. SO MEP Mk2 is now back to full power and on the frontline. 



Since the layout has been sitting on the back burner, myself and the club began talking about what we wanted to see on the layout circuit, feeling that there wasn't enough good LNER -M&GN layouts, and if we saw them at a show it was few & far between. So the group has been working on each layout, trying to fill a gap which we feel is a criminally under modelled theme.  


The Layout:


So the aim of the layout is to give an example of the very intense services out of Liverpool St, to do this we will need multiple locomotives, coaching stock types and regular freight duties not to mention light engine moves. I will agree that it will be simply impossible to operate a 100% replica of how intensive the services in this area were, but myself and the club are gonna have a bloody good go at it. The Layout has been planned in standard DC, with the plan to have 2 mainboards at 4ft Long by 1.5ft wide and the fiddle yards being big enough to take the LNER Express Service "The East Anglian" giving maximum length coupled with a good amount of width for the layout to give a proportionate operational depth. 


So the only thing that can be said is a I'm glad for a large amount of change the layout has seen and is about to see, I hope to get the first board made in the coming months and set something up for the layout, Inglethorpe Rd blog will close down for now but I will re-open it at a later date, so I can work on this as my main focus. 


More updates to follow...







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