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GWR 70' Post Office Sorting Van - Step 2. Materials and Tools.

Mick Bonwick


The main pigment to be used for this model is AK Interactive Dark Earth. This choice comes from studying photographs of lightly weathered brown and cream coaching stock from many eras, including preservation examples. The paint finish on the model is such that it will hold pigment very well, so care will need to be taken in where it goes in the first place.


Most of the application will be done using a normal round (or candle flame) brush, size 2. This gives a fairly narrow point for positioning the pigment, although this will 'widen' as the process continues - pigment build-up will gradually force the bristles apart. A filbert brush and cotton buds will also be used for manipulating the pigment once it is in place.


Pigment is placed on the tip of the brush by picking it up from the inside of the jar lid. This will nearly always have a very thin layer of pigment adhering to the plastic liner of the lid. The particles will be the finest of the jar's contents, therefore ideal for our purposes.





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