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They do look good but uncoupling might be a problem, Still Kadees for me.

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I'm sorry but I cant see the point of them. They can't even be coupled or uncoupled without the hand of god to lift wagons off the track!  The distance between wagons is too great, and being  rigid they are as bad as Kadees in being unable to replicate the movement of wagons within a loose coupled freight.

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An alternative view


It isn't much better than the Maerklin and Symoba dummy couplings that were released at the same time as NEM 364 (replaced by 362) in about 1997.

The 'point' is to provide a better looking coupling than any of the automatic coupling heads for wagons in rakes and there is absolutely no intention for them to be used as such, they are merely used in fixed rakes with an automatic coupling at each end of the rake.


However, Charlie, has identified the mistakes of various manufacturers of UK outline that fail to comply with the 8,5mm height set by NEM 362 necessitating cranked couplings. Naturally, this feature is not catered for by either Maerklin nor Symoba as all mainland European manufacturers comply.










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