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Johnson Street IEMD: Progress Update July 2019

Ok, so full steam ahead... the latest pictures of Johnson Street IEMD have come through,


Picture One shows the main access into the depot area from holding sidings area which will feature in the not so distant future, these will head off to the right of the depot scene under the town scene and enter that area on an electrified twin track configuration from the depot entrance... but more to come on that later in the year. The progress made today being the weathering and shrubbing of the southern end of the electric shed area by the raised road bridge area.


Picture Two shows the new office building which is going to sit in front of the electric shed as a personnel access point. This being configured as two storey building with an upper deck access point for out-door break areas including smokers area which in time will feature safety fencing, table and chairs etc


Picture Three shows Class 60007 parked up in the left hand holding side next to the electric shed, these two lines will be electrified also.


Picture Four shows the electric shed from the rear with the proposed shutters in different positions, this is what we will likely be going forward with




The depot wll in time be home to a clutch of Bachmann DB 90s, the first of which and one of the first to see the light of day, 90034 in ex DRS DB, one or two Accurascales Class 92s as well as a handful of Diesels, 60s, 66s and 67s.


The catenary is currently being readied and will be designed to be compatible with PECO's single mast catenary and also the multi-track gantries in the future alongside the 3D print stuff sourced elsewhere.



07_07_19 Johnson Street IEMD - entrance to electric depot area and diesel shed entrance.jpg

07_07_19 Johnson Street IEMD - electric shed entrance area.jpg

07_07_19 Johnson Street IEMD - left of Electric Shed - van access to rear of shed.jpg

07_07_19 Johnson Street IEMD - rear access to electric shed.jpg

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