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Standard 12T Van

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Today's render is just a simple 12T ventilated van, with Morton brake configuration. This is a model which I have gone back to revise time after time, this time finally settling with the corrugated end profile.


Since the last render of the Conflat and container, I have gone back and worked on the solebars and their channel profiles and thickness. I am still unsure about these, as it seems that different wagons had unique solebar widths (expectedly), and very few actually conformed to the 7'6" headstock with sloping end pillars as specified 1944 by RCH. These drawings have become paramount to this underframe and chassis project. Back to the question, though, does anyone know if there was a common headstock width for standardized stock such as Conflats or Vanfits? Mineral and tank wagons are relatively easier to gauge as their headstocks don't run wider than the longitudinal solebar channel width. It doesn't help that the official BR drawings book doesn't give headstock widths, presumably because most were a set standard width?


And I return to the van. I still am yet to give proper rivets and bolts on the metal strapping and corrugated ends, but otherwise I'm happy with this. As mentioned, notice the slight gap between van body ends and the headstock caused by the anomaly mentioned. With the solebar modifications, I have properly increased the space between longitudinal solebar channels by 1.44 inches on each side, so 2.88 inches overall. With that, I've repositioned laterally the brake hangars, axleguards, and all other attached components. 


I'll have to look into the solebars of the Big 4's standard vent vans, as I have a 1940s LMS vac-fitted van body nearly completed, which I have fixed to the same headstock width as the BR van seen below. That's where the half-completed auxiliary spring seen in the background will come into use.

That's all for tonight, the underframe library of chassis components is slowly coming together.





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