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GWR 70' Post Office Sorting Van - Step 6. Finishing Touches.

Mick Bonwick


The filbert brush has been used to pick up the 'dust' remaining in the pigment pot lid, and the brush is then gently wiped on a paper towel to remove the larger particles.  The brush is then gently wiped against the panel edges, at right angles, so that the very edge of the detail collects the 'dirt'. Easier to do than describe. No need for precision, this group of panels was done all at the same time by wiping from the left hand end of the coach along to the right hand end, without stopping, and back again, repeated several times.




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Another masterclass Mick, I like the underframe, very subtle.


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Thanks, Steve. All you need now is a rake of Great Western 70' coaches and you can have a go. :)

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Not sure about them but I must have something else that wont need weathering that much, Will your next project be at the other end of the scale?


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