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A rockface diorama - part 5 - Adding a small tree



I thought it would be interesting to one of those small trees that seem to cling to life on rock faces. My preferred tree making method is forming the trunk and branches from twisted wire with two or three coatings of Greenscenes flexible bark. I have a pot of this that is now at least 6 years old and is still useable. When dry the bark is painted with an acrylic grey colour (think LMS wagon grey rather than GWR). I add the finer branches with rubberised horsehair glued in place in small clumps. When dry it is trimmed with scissors to cut the loops and remove the longer strand. If necessary more horsehair can be added and the trimming repeated. Once happy the foliage can be added.




A layering spray or spray adhesive could be used to add the foliage but a disadvantage with this method is that the glue also gets onto the trunk and main branches and the scatter used for the leaves will stick everywhere, not what we want. I have used a small stiff brush to stipple neat pva onto the horsehair making sure that the brush is pushed well into and under the clumps. 




The foliage scatter can then be liberally applied and the excess shaken off after a few minutes. I have used a mix of Javis mid green and dark green scatters for this tree.




The final installment will detail the positioning of the tree and the addition of some summer flora.




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