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The Big day over - Now to recommence wagon building

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It was a once a year outing, Castell Mawr back in the shed again.

While it does everything I wanted at the time, it has become something of a white elephant. Too big to have up and running

at home. I can just assemble on our patio which is high and catches wind, easily enough to take stock off !!

I really don't know what to do with it ? Jamie one of the original group of 4 builders/planners came down to Dorset from Cambridge

just to run it for a day, he had a great day and so did I.

Seriously though what do I do ?? I'm too old to hire just a van, so I need to have a van and driver to take it anywhere and with just

me and one helper it takes over 4 hours to set up. No it's not that complex, but to keep storage requirements under controlthe boards

are all packed tightly into pods. This prevents any but the smallest buildings being attached. Every vehicle, person, building, signal

has to be attached after initially getting all on it's legs and checking all electrics are working

Last year it was voted best in our show and this year missed out by just 3 votes, so people DO like it, but practicallities of something

this size when you're 77 say it's cloe to the end.


My Fiddle Yard is scenic exchange sidings




A busy builders materials yard




An overall view taken during set-up and testing.




Could you break this up ??




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I made the mistake of building what was intended to be a home layout that was exhibitable.  What it actually turned out to be was an exhibition layout that could be operated at home.

Sounds to me like you have made the same mistake.

I've learned a lot from the mistakes I made and am making sure I learn from them so as not to make them again.  It's proving difficult - a lot of the problem being the desire to build a layout that is better than its predecessor - but I will not give up.

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Hi Mike,

How the four of us ever thought we'd get this into 3, or 4 cars is a mystery !!

Even now in moments of sheer indulgence I think another 40" board to extend both the sidings and particularly the station

would be good. It was built to run longer trains and in all honesty we can only get 7 coaches inside the platform ramps, wouldn't

it be nice to make that 10 !!

I hear Terry Silver is not at all well, one of the original 'Team' with Ian H, and Jamie. This layout is full of memories. The row of

houses behind the sidings have a street name-plate each end "Hatton Terrace" in memory of the late John Hatton who was given

the job of showing me around Bletchley when I joined the MK club.



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Mike, I'm rather shocked.

The trouble is that moving away at the end of 2013 I gradually lost contact with MKMRS. You try to keep in touch for a

couple of years, but all too easily you get involved with your local areas activities.


Geoff T.

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