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Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet as of 9th August

Friday 9th August


Its been a steadily positive week on the layout front.


1 My layout signage arrived from Sankey Signs - great job there

2 I am hoping to see the start of the catenary coming together

3 My rebranded DB 67 arrived back

4 I found a nice little DB Class 60 for my model shop to play with (to get fixed up)


5 and finally.... a DB EWS Class 90 (035) has been parked up in Stafford for the week with a Class 325 parcels EMU :-)




Nice to get back my newly rebranded DB Class 67 in the latest DB colours with the slogan on the body


Locomotive fleet

As of 9th August 2019, my ''United Colours of DB'' locomotive fleet looks like this.


(1) Hornby DB Cargo Class 08923 TTS fitted

(2) Hornby DB Schenker Class 60007 Switch on to Safety livery - DCC TTS fitted

(3) Hornby DB Schenker Class 60062 DCC Sound TTS fitted - rebranded and reliveried professionally

(4) Hornby DB Cargo 60100 DCC sound (pre TTS)  - rebranded and numbered professionally

(5) Bachmann Ex-EWS-DB Class 66002 DCC sound fitted - rebranded and numbered professionally

(6) Bachmann DB Cargo Class 66009 DCC sound fitted - rebranded and numbered professionally 

(7) Bachmann DB Cargo Class 66065 DCC ready (not completed yet)

(8) Hornby DB Schenker Class 67018 DCC fitted - Maple Leaf 

(9) Hornby DB Cargo Class 67028 DCC Sound TTS - just back from rebranding

(10) Bachmann ex DRS DB Blue Class 90034 DCC Sound - rebranded and reliveried professionally (not completed yet)


Future Loco Plans


(11)  Bachmann DB Cargo Class 90018 DB Schenker Pride of Bellshill

(12)  Bachmann DB Cargo Class 90024 Malcolm Logistics

(13)  Bachmann DB Cargo Class 90028 Sir William McAlpine

(14)  Bachmann ex-EWS DB Class 90037 Spirit of Dagenham

(15)  Accurascales Scotrail Serco Class 92010 DCC Sound

(16)  Hornby Scotrail Serco Class 87002 DCC Sound

(17)  Heljan Scotrail Serco Class 86401 DCC Sound







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