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A bit of a cliche......

Dave John


Fair enough, I know its a bit of a model railway cliche but the only place I could put the bus to get a picture was on the bridge.


So there we are, more of a minibus than a full sized one. By the Edwardian era trams were very much the commonest public transport but I have seen pictures of this sort of small bus in the area. I think they were effectively used as a family sized taxi with seating for about six people at a push. It is based on a Scale Link etch, the figures are Andy Stadden though the driver has been Mikkelised with new arms.












A loco rebuild next inline on the bench.

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I think we could make an exception for that type of bus :)  I especially like your last, very atmospheric photo, where you have judged the depth of field extremely well.  In terms of 'realism', my only complaint would be the lack of horse manure - an interesting challenge for those into 'weathering'

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Thanks Mike, the last was a lucky shot, I still haven't quite got the camera control I would like. 


Manure is a good point, perhaps some strands of static grass and a blob of pva. Hmm. 

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Surely trams would require some rails in the road? For a city location in your chosen era, I suspect that there might be more traffic than you depicted, at least at various times of the day, but the amount of traffic has a good feel to it. (Not that I am in any position to know, it just looks right.)


As Mike says, that last photo is stunning.


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Stunning! Particularly impressed with the b&w shot. Tip for horse manure, I’ve had some success with tea. Split a bag open. Mix with some PVA and ‘blobs’ your uncle... sorry!

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interesting idea 5+9, I'll have a go. 


The tram route didn't pass over Benalder street, it ran parallel to the station roughly where the backdrop of the tenements is, though I have swapped north and south round to fit the room. I would love to have been able to make that street at the rear wide enough to model some trams but that would have made the layout too wide for the trains to pass through the wall to the traverser. Compromises.  Really I could do with a room about 16 feet longer and 4 foot wider but I'd guess thats for another lifetime. 


Some more traffic would be good though, I enjoy building them. 




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Had this thread regarding Sherbourne Abbas and if you look there, there is a link to a master class in horse poo!

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I could look at these photos all day!


The driver of the carriage on the left is also very good, with his relaxed pose. Do you happen to remember the origin of that figure?

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That carriage was made a long time ago Mikkel, though I am sure it was from Dart Castings. I can't remember where the figures came from , but I have a feeling they might be Preiser. Could probably do with a bit more detailing some time. 



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Very nice. That does look like a Preiser figure. The reins work well.


PS: Looks like Preiser 14084 seated workers, blue trousers...


Edited by Mikkel
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