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Getting ready for the Bachmann Class 90 - Part Two

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Ok, so, a few months ago, I wrote a mini-blog entry on waiting for the Bachmann Class 90, well, yes, great, fab, super, its's now here and most of the modern image OO gauge readers out there, all getting used to their new acquisitions, spare a thought for the perfectionistas ... I have had through my hands not one, not two, but three, yes, three !! Bachmann 90s ... all in a bid to have one of the first Bachmann 90s to wear DB. Now, as fortune would have it, i should hopefully be taking delivery soon of two DB 90s, one unusual one and one fairly bog standard one - one which will have sound and one which wont. Well, it seems to stand to reason, most 90s, (aside from the GEML lot 90s 001-015) seem to spend their lives operating in pairs, you know, safety in numbers keeping them safe in case of predatory 66's... haha... ok, so, two DB 90s . . . . and I will also post a seperate blog regarding branding/signage - as there have been some developments along these lines also. But, yes, big news two 90s, not one... both in DB colours.. I cannot wait to see them.

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