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Firstly, apologies to the 40 or so people who seem to care about my work.   The past two weeks have been nuts.   We moved office at work.


I'm calling the pirates done.   Off the bench, warts and all.   I could do better, but they're not characters or any special job.   Just grunts.


And out of focus.


My Magister is coming along OK.   Yellow is a pain, and I'm slogging along with Model Master paint on it so far.   Chicago weather doesn't help. 



Tonight I laid some primer on a squad of 8th army and a weird whippy dude for Wild West Exodus. 



I was going to prime this lot, but the can died after the above.   Too late for a run to the store.   I'll see what I have on Sunday.



...finally to the title.   To absolute hell with this Aston-Martin.    I didn't decant enough paint for the whole of the car.    In the time it took me to thin another batch, what was in the brush dried.  Enamel!   So, the trash splattered.    Ruined the body.    I've already stripped the shell once.    Too much investment in time for my patience anymore.   I've binned it.



Buffing didn't fix it, either.    I had some bad 'flooding' as well.   I have moved on.   Disappointing, too.   I liked how the interior was coming along;



That's it for now.   I should post again next Thursday.

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Sorry to hear about the Aston Martin :ireful: 


Looks like you've got lots of other interesting projects on the go though! I admire the variety of your modelling interests.





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