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Castle Rock station

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(Storyline of the main station)

The Castle Rock line was built in the late 1800s by a private company, eventually being absorbed into the GWR by 1908. In 1928 the LMS joined in with the line, making it a GW and LMS joint line. The terminus was blown up in the First World War and left as a basic station until the GW and LMS decided it should be rebuilt again as a grand creation. 

However, the whole station building probably has the strangest architecture of all British railway architecture: The West side is built as the GW and the East side is built as the LMS, joining in the middle roof with half of the GW crest on the LMS side and half of the LMS crest on the GW side. 

This was done to represent the two companies using the line together as one. The station was blown up again in the Second World War by a Luftwaffe bomber crashing through it. The special station roof was not rebuilt until 2004, when the Castle Rock Railway Society gained enough money to rebuild the station to its 1931-1940 condition. 




Its not a massive station, but if I were to model it, it would need to be in OO gauge because of the complexity of it.

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