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Graig Wen colliery, ALSRM, Reading 2019.



Today at Graig Wen colliery, ALSRM, Reading, 679 worked the exchange sidings while Hercules shunted the coal loading shed.

Several views of 679 can be seen outside the shed with 1140 and also a close up of her builder’s plate.

Hercules can be seen outside the coal loading shed.

Several of the Boyos can be seen while Rhys ap Rhys still studies form.

Let’s hope our foreman is happy with the day’s work.


Is it worth me starting to post here again? The number of views and likes will swing it.







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Beautiful models, may I ask one question ...


     What colour have you painted 'Hercules' as I seem unable to discover via research what the finish of this loco was in her latter years  ?


     Thanks in advance, Ian Bradford

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Apparently it (he) was painted in a "pseudo" GWR livery at Danygraig in 1948. It was then out sheded at Guernos for many years before migrating to Reading signal works circa 1954 to replace 1153 which produced too much smoke??? A friend, now unfortunately deceased, saw it at Swindon dump in 1955 and swore it was black. It had a black background to the No.1 on the cab sides so if the loco was black this wouldn't have shown up. Plenty of clues but nothing concrete. I painted mine green as until then all my models were finished in black. 

Notice the brakes are on the rear wheels only!

Hope this helps.



No. 1 Hercules in Danygraig shed 15Jul51 Colourrail 90043.jpg

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Thank you, most helpful,  also I had not seen that photograph ...


    Best get started on the 4mm version of Hercules ..


      Cheers, Ian 

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Excellent locos and atmosphere as usual. That foreman is very nicely captured!

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