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Part 64: Stone wall roller.

M Graff


Hi all! 
I made a tool for embossing stones in DAS clay.

The tools and stuff needed. DAS clay, an empty sugar dispenser, rolling pin, knife, glue and a good supply of small pebbles.

Roll out some clay with the rolling pin, it should be large enough to cover the plastic tube and be around 1/8" thick.

Emboss the clay with the pebbles.

Wrap it around the plastic tube, seal it together by pressing it. Then emboss stones at the seam.

When dry, seal the clay with varnish.
Roll out some DAS clay and then roll the stone tool over it, firmly!

Then lay it to dry.
You can drape it around objects to shape it while drying. 
Next installment will be painting it.

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  • RMweb Gold

That looks like an effective way  (and maybe even fun!) of doing it. Many thanks for the tip. 

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