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Manning Wardle Rebuild Contract 9/10/13



Here at Crymlyn A Shop our foreman has been reprimanded by the Works owners for not updating work progress.

Unfortunately the Boyos have been busy without much progress being visible.

Hopefully a comparison picture of 359 and 29 rear ends will help to illustrate progress.

359, the Hudswell Clarke locomotive for the Llanelly & Mynydd Mawr Railway Company, has successfully passed her acceptance trials at Swindon and Pantyffynnon Junction and will have her plates fitted soon (watch out for her naming ceremony).

In fact she performed so well that a decision was made to remove some of the ballast.

GWR 29, the Manning Wardle rebuild subcontracted from the GWR for the CM&DPLRly has had its bunker sheeting formed by our sub contractors the Minerva Engineering Company and has been erected by Percy Veerance under the watchful eyes of our Foreman and a few of the girls from the local leisure centre.

Baldrick, the Crymlyn A Shop gofor, leans on his shovel while Dai the Paint and Percy make a few minor tweeks to 359.

679 is visible, resting on shed, near right.

If anyone is wondering how it is done the second picture explains all.





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I would not let the foreman see your arrangement of tripod supports - I would expect some rather acidic comments :)  It's always fascinating to see the truth behind the illusions that our models create so successfully.

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