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Stour Valley Dream - Platform 2 coming along

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Fen End Pit


I've managed to get the platform for platform 2 made and cut in the position of the platform building and platform walls. The building now has a roof, with slates cut from sticky labels and ridge tiles and guttering 3D printed on the Anycubic Photon. This shot along the platform gives a pretty nice view to compare against prototype photographs. The main station building is still the '1865 small' based on Takeley (but with the colours reversed) which I built a few years back, the platform cutout on platform 1 was for the 'medium' building.




The platform wall was cut in 4 pieces. Top is the coping stone, middle the main wall with a front of 1mm MDF and a back of 2mm and bottom is the fancy brickwork which is on the platform face only. I've found that flooding a little Roket Hot superglue onto the very fine bits of brickwork helps prevent damage while I'm painting. I've found that painting and applying 'cement' in the form of Wilko fine surface filler works best prior to sticking the layers together. Once assembled I wash with Vallejo Model wash grey.




Really the gap under the roof isn't that noticeable!






In fact, you can see hardly any of this from the usual operating position as it all has its back to you!


A quick edit to add a photo with the chimneys..




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Thanks for the tip about the Roket Hot - that works really great. MDF really sucks up it up compared to a regular CA.


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