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TCDD 8F goes on a walkabout

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Does anyone know where this loco went?

it used to sit outside a museum in Izmit in Turkey until recently, where a tramline has taken it’s place. It’s one of 2 TCDD 8F preserved in Turkey but I fear the worst for this one. Any information on it would be nice. There isn’t anything I can do about it being cut up but i would just like to know, so I don’t go there and try to buy the thing in the future :laugh_mini: (because I would if I had such money!)


(to any TCDD people: 8F look so bloody good in red lining :good_mini:. If I ever get an O gauge 8F I am almost certainly colouring it in like this!)



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The person I would contact is Michael Hoskin, of The Churchill (8F) Locomotive Company (45160). What he doesn't know about 8Fs isn't worth knowing about. He was involved with the repatriation of the two 8Fs from Turkey, subject of an episode of the documentary television series Monster Moves in 2011. I think he might be involved as a key member of the Vale of Berkeley railway. Might be worth contacting them for contact details.


Kind regards,



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