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Some signal box parts.

Dave John


I have been making some more of the parts for the signal box. My idea is to generate a set of pre-painted assemblies which all sort of go together neatly at the end. Best laid plans….



So a snapshot of the main structure. Lower walls will be brick on this one. The 4 bits in the soffit are steel.




Those steel bits are there to catch the magnets in the roof section. The open rectangle they are on allows a bit of down flex at the corners .




Roof clicks neatly into position like so. Clicks off easily so can be painted separately.






The lighting module uses a pair of warm white LED chips. Thing is all those windows make the insides a bit visible, so I don’t want wires to be seen.





A bit of head scratching later. Make the lighting module so that it fits down inside the chimney breast. It can go in after all the interior detail is fitted, the roof can be removed without disturbing it. I will put a pair of spring contacts on the bottom of the pcb so it just slides into place.





Lastly, a few bits prepared and ready. Interior bits are a nice etch by Severn Models.




Just a few snapshots in bad light really, but helps keep me on track. 


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  • RMweb Gold

Good progress. I can already picture the lighting. How about a steaming mug of tea? :)


I'm very impressed with the windows. I know it's not easy to get the Silhouette to cut things that fine - so it must have required some careful work.

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I use a blade set at about 1.5 for scribing the windows Mikkel. I have marked it and keep it for just doing that. 

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Using the chimney breast as a way to hide the wires for the lighting is a great idea!  I wish I'd thought of using magnets for my buildings roofs:rolleyes:

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