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How many Pannier Tanks does one man need?



I now have a collection of 4 Pannier tanks, all of which were at one time allocated to Wellington and would regularly work down to Trench sidings and beyond with pick up freights.

9630 has an interesting heritage, being a Korean brass loco built by Samhongsa and comes with sprung hornblocks. I bought it for £25.00 out of a box under a traders stand with a very poor paint job. I think the trader thoiught it was a backmann one, hence the chaep price. Now converted to P4 (by my friend Tony Sheffield) and stripped and repainted by me. Runs realy well with a massive can motor in it. I was pulled by this loco on the service from Wellington to Crewe in 1962.



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I see you managed to pick this model up at a very good price, but I suspect it was originally much more expensive. Bearing that in mind, the Bachmann locos stand up pretty well in comparison.


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Dave, one of the advantages of the Samhongsa built models is that it comes with sprung axleboxes so converting to P4 is relatively simple. As a sometime American modeller I recognised the Samhongsa name stamped on the keeper plate.

i agree the Bachmann model is excellent and stands up well to current RTR models.

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