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Having just started my first attempt at uploading videos on youtube for the beginnings of Johnson Street IEMD, i thought it would be a good idea to upload the latest pictures from the world of Johnson Street IEMD. The layout is really coming coming together as one can see in the videos. A depot needs locos and given theat there have been one or three changes from the list back in July, I thought I'd do a blog update, so as of 5th November, the locos at Johnson Street are:


''United Colours of DB'' 


(1) Hornby DB Cargo Class 08923 TTS fitted

(2) Hornby DB Schenker Class 60007 Switch on to Safety livery - DCC TTS fitted

(3) Hornby DB Cargo 60100 DCC sound (pre TTS)  - rebranded and numbered professionally

(4) Bachmann Ex-EWS-DB Class 66002 DCC ready - rebranded and numbered professionally

(5) Bachmann DB Cargo Class 66009 DCC sound fitted - rebranded and numbered professionally 

(6) Bachmann DB Cargo Class 66065 DCC sound fitted - (not completed yet)

(7) Hornby DB Cargo Class 67025 DCC Sound TTS

(8) Bachmann ** ***** Class 90XXX DCC Sound - rebranded and reliveried professionally (not completed yet)

(9) Bachmann ** ***** Class 90XXX DCC fitted - rebranded and reliveried professionally (not completed yet)


Future loco plans

(10) Bachmann DB Cargo Class 90024 Malcolm Logistics DCC fitted

(11) Bachmann DB Cargo ex-Schenker Class 90036 - DCC Sound

(12) Bachmann DB Cargo ex-EWS Class 90037 DCC fitted

(13) Bachmann DB Cargo EWS Class 90039 DCC fitted

(14) Accurascales DB Cargo Class 92009 DCC Sound

(15) Accurascales Serco Caledonian Sleeper Class 92018 DCC Sound

(16) Hornby Serco Caledonian Sleeper Class 87002 DCC Sound

(17) Heljan Serco Caledonian Sleeper Class 86401 DCC Sound fitted




Having also managed to upload pictures again, thank you Andy @RMweb for that, I think maybe it was just me, anyway, enjoy... and also the pack of signs from Allan @ Sankey, I'm looking forward to getting to grips with these.


Following the whole keeping it in the family with the final of the Great Model Railway Challenge, I have also discovered that my other half is handy with a soldering iron, ok, so Nbrass catenary is back on the agenda - watch this space - its my intention to use a mixture of Nbrass, scratchbuilt and PECO single masts to complete the knitting @johnsonstreetIEMD.


Bachmann Class 90 - With the first two DB Cargo 90s literally around the corner down the tracks approaching Johnson Street, having deposited their Malcolm logistics load and in wondering what the likely wait will be for the first Bachmann EWS/DB offerings will be, having read an article on here about Bachmann in 2020 - where it is suggested there wont be any NEW NEW (unannounced) Bachmann launches - so probably no new Bachmann 90s for next year, I am totally at ease at the possibilities, as long as we get at least one of the above in 2021, and should Bachmann try to cater for as wide an audience as possible with the second wave, my guess is we will see a Virgin Trains, a Freightliner green or possibly one of the different BR railfreight liveries, maybe one of the three foreign RfD liveries and hopefully either EWS or DB red. From a selfish point of view, I would really like to see the Malcolm Logistics DB 90024 and have written to both Bachmann and DB Cargo in relation to this - should this be the case that the more likely EWS/DB red 90 is the first to arrive in such colours this will be fine also.


EWS colours will mean i will get to rebrand and renumber it into:


90020 EWS ''Collingwood''

90037 ex EWS DB '' Spirit of Dagenham''

90039 EWS white decals


DB red colours will mean, well, this will see any of the following 


90018 DB Schenker ''Pride of Bellshill'',

90019 DB Cargo - latest corporate style larger DB logo ''Multimodal'',

90028 DB Cargo - latest corporate style larger DB logo ''Sir William McAlpine'',

90029 DB ex-Schenker,

90035 DB Cargo - latest corporate style larger DB logo

90036 DB ex-Schenker ''Driver Jack Mills''

90040 DB ex-Schenker


The other more unusual DB 90s in recent service and would be good to have are:


90021 EWS First Scotrail (Used on the Caledonian Sleeper and then on 4M25)

90024 DB Malcolm Logistics

90034 ex-DRS DB blue


Should the 2021 preface be correct, 2020 with no new Bachmann 90s should mean I get chance to focus on completing the layout build, the catenary plan (So, NBrass multi-track sections - PECO multi-track (if and when) Multi-track scratch build masts and single masts from PECO) and possibly acquiring one of more of the Serco Caledonian locos which are going to be having repairs and maintenance works at Johnson Street IEMD, so 86401, 87002 and probably 92018.


New DB van doing audit of facilities at Johnson Street IEMD.jpg

60100 and 67028 putting main shed through its paces.jpg

60007 taking in some fuel.jpg

60007 looking out at 60100.jpg

New Warehouse delivery area coming on nicely - 2.jpg

Long Term shed - 2.jpg

67028 and 60100 getting ready to depart Johnson Street IEMD.jpg

67028 in lane 2 and 60100 in lane 3 during the snagging visit by the DB team - with the DB van to the left.jpg

Looking over to McDonalds and the Royal Mail distribution centre and entrance to the layout.jpg

DB site inspection team passing by the regional office.jpg

A quiet Johnson Street IEMD.jpg

setting the backdrop.jpg

SankeySigns - Page1.jpg

SankeySigns - Page2.jpg


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