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Boxfile Bodging



So I'm getting closer to the point of fixing down track and one of the starting points has to be the original boxfile layout. I've already sawn a corner off so that it fits snugly around the front facia of the Tim Horn baseboard but at the other end we have the inset Y point that was manually operated with a bit of wire in tube. To convert this to servo drive from underneath I needed to access the mechanism to remove the wire and the overcentre spring.


To help blend in the transition from boxfile to the rest of the layout I also needed a plan to merge the hard standing too. These two requirements saw me with a fresh scalpel blade cutting back the hard standing to the first available joint line.




Wire and spring removed, the exposed area will be ash/cinders ballasted. I can also add some dropper wires for power feeds too once the boxfile is glued in place

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