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Another Naval Build - Supermarine Attacker FB.2



Hot on the heels of the Tempest and defying my normal convention of posting a cameo of my next build - as I have three unfinished (and I'm unmotivated to finish them yet), I opted for a quick and simple build instead.


I've had the Attacker in my stash for nearly a year, so I thought what the hell let's build it. 


Up first here's what's in the box...














The sprues a clean a crisp, no shorts or burring and a minimal flash.


I assembled the cockpit and jet pipe, I opted not to paint them as on test fitting within the fuselage the tolerances a very tight - so painting before will cause problems..




The ejector seat is dry fitted, as this can be fitted after painting.




Something of note - fit the intakes, before gluing the fuselage halves together, as it makes getting decent fit easier.




Fuselage glued together, it needs only minor filling.




Wings and tail planes assembled - no issues though some minor filling is needed around the cannon.




Tail-planes fitted with no issue. However the wing need so fettling to fit and then to remove the anhedral - nothing major.




Wings corrected a few lumps and bumps added.




Belly auxiliary fuel tank* and arrestor hook fitted. * The tank doesn't have to be fitted, but it covers a lot of joints ;) 




Flaps fitted and ready for some Mr Surfacer 1000.


That's all for now



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On 11/11/2019 at 10:44, toboldlygo said:


I worked on Harrier's and Hawks, plus various other aircraft including the FAA Historic Flight at Yeovilton and a Sea Harrier that's in the museum there. 


Worth noting too that were part's common to Sea Harrier FRS1, where the drawings for the parts were first used on the Typhoon then re-issued for the Firebrand, Sea Fury, etc.

Actually, there were parts on the Harriers that went back to the 1930's Hawkers such as biplane Fury's.....

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2 hours ago, Methuselah said:

Actually, there were parts on the Harriers that went back to the 1930's Hawkers such as biplane Fury's.....

Do tell.

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5 hours ago, PenrithBeacon said:

Do tell.

A few years ago I acquired a large archive of original pre-war Hawker drawings, mainly Fury, but the whole range was inter-related, like Meccano. The old chap I got them off told me that a few parts had survived through to the Harrier. Doubtless something like  valve or some such assembly. The drawings are fascinating, as they even show  a projected version of the Fury with a fully-enclosed cockpit, similar to the Hurricanes. CAD is great, but some of the old hand-drawn drawings are really exquisite.

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