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Thirty-Seven and 25

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Oh hey, I took pictures this week.


Paint continues on the Tau.   I've chromed the optics as a precursor to a translucent blue.   I've always found a good chrome silver makes clears pop.    Muzzles and other 'hot' parts of weapons have received a coat of Vallejo gunmetal.   It is much brighter than I expected, but it'll do.




Sunday found me and my friend at the local Gundam club's 'build day.'   Nice events.   I get to chat with others, mostly around my age, who model.   These aren't the hardcases that come with wargaming, either.    Sociable nerdy types, y'know?  I decided to challenge myself, and built this simple kit;


Yes, I've wrapped my X-Acto in masking tape.   This dude is a '30 Minute Mission' Portanova.   Same scale as the Bandai High Grade line, along with the Real Grade and various 'No Grade' kits.    Not a Gundam per se, though.    These are simple, easily customizable kits meant to be built quickly - sort of a beginner-friendly kit that manages not to insult the modeler.   Locally, there has been semi-comic griping that no-one has been close to a 30-minute build time.   So I took a try at the 'challenge.'






Not quite...


I managed 37 minutes and 25 seconds.   Seems to be the local record, and that was bad policies all-day.   No trimming or cleaning unless needed for fit.   Just a pair of Xuron flush-cutters in middling shape.   Also found out the Portanova accepts Bandai's other customizing line directly.   This was just a...lark?  I had fun.   Kit was only $12, too.   I can't complain at that price.


Here's a Build Divers add-on attached;



We'll see how little significant paint is added by next week!

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